MidCity Real Estate Partners Nominated for Award from Urban Land Institute

MidCity Real Estate Partners is nominated by the Urban Land Institute as a finalist for the award of “Excellence in Town Center Development” for our work on the Alpharetta City Center.


Alpharetta City Center is a 26-acre walkable, mixed-use development in the heart of downtown Alpharetta. After building City Hall, a library, parking deck, and five acres of park, the City enlisted a team of four private developers to work together to fulfill a cohesive vision to expand the existing historic district by six city blocks. The development includes 168 residential units with 37,600 square feet of street-level retail; a 36,000 square foot office building with an additional 7,400 square feet of ground-floor retail; 55,000 square feet of freestanding restaurant buildings scattered throughout 2.5 acres of parks and greenspace; and 42 single-family homes. The town green acts as a central meeting hub connecting restaurants, retail, and park space.


The thoughtfulness given to the town center design embraces the history of Alpharetta by effortlessly weaving into the historic downtown fabric, creating a project that is walkable and engaging. The project has become a catalyst for the area, shifting development patterns away from the car-dependent sprawl of the GA 400 Highway Corridor. In an effort to better connect the neighborhoods, the development team worked with the City to visualize the new Alpha Loop, a 5-mile walking and biking path that will begin at City Center and provide 20+ miles of non-vehicular connectivity for North Fulton.


Alpharetta City Center demonstrates how suburban places can urbanize in a thoughtful way and create a vibrant and walkable city center.


This post was originally published by the Urban Land Institute on 7/18/19. To see the original post, click here.